Friday, March 18, 2011


So I had the day off today! And It was the best day off I have had in a LONG time!! I dunno what was so different about it, but it was GREAT! And just what I needed! So here are some pictures from my day today.
My "look at these shamrocks" T-shirt! I had a lot of people think it was funny and cute, lots of people stare, and an old lady glare at me at Porters, and also not help me. haha! She was missing out, its funny!
And of course my GREEN, I love boobies bracelet! supporting breast cancer!
I know, they need haircuts! They did have bows keeping the hair out of their eyes but, they both got baths and I ran out of ties. They can still see! haha Harleigh Ann is the white dog, and Bentley is the tan and black dog. :) got to sleep in and hangout with both of them for most of the day!

My new cell phone case came today!! I was SO excited! I've been trying to get the perfect case FOREVER and I finally found it :)
I was in a crafty mood today, so I went to a bunch of craft stores and got stuff to make headbands and clips! These are the two I made tonight. :) the top one is my favorite.
Chase was setting up a booth for the home and garden show this weekend. So I also went and hungout with him for a little bit today. Looked at the booth they were setting up. Found a new Fav. song. Decided on some things I want to do. And that was my St. Patricks Day! The main parts anyways :) hope everyone else had a great day! and HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!

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Mark & Shalon said...

renee i LOVE your hair! you have no idea how much i miss you doing my hair. i haven't had it done in a year. how sad is that? i'm a freakin hairstylist and my hair looks like crap. i miss you! hope i get to see you soon!